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Someone who found this blog asked if our AMLs started after we experienced some kind of trauma. As far as I know, trauma is not a common element in this phenomenon.

So here’s the question: Can any of you recall having a fall or a whack on the head or any other kind of physical trauma shortly before your AMLs started?

It’s not true for me. Mine started when my hormones went south. If there was some kind of trauma during that time, it was so minor (or so severe!) that I don’t remember it.

For me, the chemical hypothesis makes much more sense. Though I can’t rule out the possibility that I may have bumped my head, and that some tiny bit of damage was done that then allowed cortisol to have an effect it had never had on me before. However, all my brain studies (MRIs EEG, CTs) found no abnormalities.

How about the rest of you? Can you recall any traumas that might have preceded your AMLs?

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